Company Information

SKY Luxury Rentals LLC
Tel: 262-292-1975

SKY Luxury Rentals is a boutique rental company offering vacation rentals.  Our professional property specialists have first-hand experience of the properties we feature and recommend to make sure your selection process is 100% informed. Our concierge service plans the rest, from arranging car rentals and spa treatments to fully-catered gourmet meals.

Through our professional knowledge and being avid travelers ourselves, we personally select our properties for the overall experience that they offer.

We maintain close personal relationships with the owners of our villas and are in constant contact with them, thus ensuring that the villas we offer will not only be perfect at the time of arrival, but also throughout our guests’ stay.

Our chefs, hosts, drivers and other professionals we co-operate with are carefully chosen and tested not only for their ability to offer unparalleled service, but also for their pleasant personality, since they become a part of the vacation experience of our guests. They all embody the SKY philosophy of true, unpretentious quality and service.


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